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Our partners include those working in the following areas of expertise:

Human diagnostics

From using cardiac biomarkers (such as Troponin, CRP and myoglobin) to diagnose heart disease to inflammation point of care testing systems (such as IL-6, CRP), we have the ability to work with our business partners on delivering point of care diagnostic solutions.

Women’s Health & Wellbeing

Developing quantitative lateral flow assays for hormone monitoring such as Oestrogen, Follicle Stimulating Hormone, Luteinizing hormone. Contact us to assist with your in vitro diagnostic solution.


Fish and animal diagnostics such as canine heartworm, parvovirus and Giardia can provide essential information to vets and pet owners. Lateral Dx have experience across this field and can develop a rapid test with the end goal in mind.


You might be familiar with lateral flow tests for various agriculture and food scenarios including toxin detection, crop pests and food allergen monitoring. Lateral Dx can help your position in the marketplace with a custom lateral flow assay.


Lateral flow test deployment can have a crucial effect on the rapid detection of diseases, viruses or syndromes in our seafood farming. Work with us on your fish diagnostics or monitoring assay.

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