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Lateral Dx

Rapid Antibody Screening


A fast, quantitative and cost-effective method of selecting the best antibody pairing for lateral flow test development.

Its well known that the more antibodies you can screen the greater your chances of finding a top performing pairing.

Traditional screening techniques such as ELISA allow high throughput, however they can be time consuming to set-up and the data generated does not always translate well to the lateral flow test platform.

Some contract developers will perform the screening directly using lateral flow technology. However, this will use high quantities of each antibody (2-5 mg) and throughput is less than using ELISA for screening. Therefore, the cost of purchasing the antibodies is high and time to complete the testing is long (2-3 months).

To solve these issues Lateral Dx has developed an innovative method that is able to quickly, quantitatively and cost-effectively screen multiple antibodies for their suitability for use in the lateral flow test format. The system can work with antibody quantities of as little as 0.1 mg and results can be generated in 2 weeks.

Benefits of the Lateral Dx system include:

  • Low antibody purchase cost: 1/10th the cost standard LFT screening methods
  • High numbers of antibodies able to be screened: 10-20 antibodies easily screened
  • Results directly applicable to lateral flow test format: No worries of compatibility
  • Quantitative data produced: Can be used to show proof of principle