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Company name

Alcolizer Technology

Project outline

To develop a lateral flow test to detect delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in undiluted human saliva that can run in under 3 minutes and meet the latest Australian drug testing standards.

Project objectives

Test works with neat saliva, no sample dilution
Test detects THC at the levels required by Australian Standards AS/NZS 4760-2019
Results can be read under 3 minutes
The developed test is able to be incorporated into Alcolizers innovative Druglizer handheld

Project outcome of working with Lateral Dx

  • Reagent screening of multiple antibody and drug-hapten conjugates and selection of best performing reagents
  • Development of system to allow use of undiluted saliva, including innovative techniques to reduce saliva viscosity and maximise available THC
  • Development of system to allow read time at 3 minutes, including selection of suitable nitrocellulose membrane and conjugate pad treatment
  • Optimisation of test sensitivity to achieve Australian standards requirements

Statistics or data to compliment

Test was evaluated at a licenced testing laboratory and gave a 100% pass rate at +/- 50% of 15ngTHC/ml cut-off.

Alcolizer has worked for many years with a number of partners to develop an accurate oral THC test. Lateral Dx provided us with possibly the best oral THC test on the market.
Murdo Black
CSO Alcolizer

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