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At Lateral Dx, we provide a phased rapid test development service that allows you take control of your project costs and ensures a robust point of care testing system is transferred to lateral flow manufacture.

Activity: A phase where the viability of an idea can be investigated

Proof of Principle

Deliverable: Proof of Principle Report

Activity: Investigation and development of assay format, particle conjugation, membrane coating, strip architecture


Deliverable: Feasibility Report, Feasibility prototype tests

Activity: Optimisation and characterisation of materials, formulations and processes


Deliverable: Manufacture Documentation, Pilot Batch

Activity: Verification and validation of manufacture process. Transfer to Manufacture


Deliverable: Validation Batches, Product Claims

Activity: Manufacture of batches


Deliverable: Routine Manufacture


Our team has a vast amount of experience in antibody conjugation to gold nanoparticles, other signal particles, rapid test development platform types and sample types:

Assay Types

  • Lateral Flow Test (Sandwich and competitive)
  • DNA lateral flow (NALF)
  • Flow Through Test

Assay Configurations

  • Serological test
  • Visually read, reader based
  • Sandwich, competitive formats
  • Qualitative, Semi-Quantitative & Quantitative
  • Multiplexing
  • Signal amplification
  • Sensitivity enhancement

Sample Types

  • Whole blood
  • Serum/ plasma
  • Saliva/Nasal swab
  • Urine
  • Water
  • Milk
  • Foodstuffs

Signal Particles

  • Gold colloid
  • Cellulose nano beads
  • Gold nanorods
  • Polystyrene (latex)
  • Fluorescent (particles & dyes)
  • Carbon
  • Gold nanoshells

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