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Tuesday, August 3, 2021

We are proud to be a part of the most recent issue of Love Local Magazine.  The local magazine shares successes from around Clackmannanshire, you can view our article on page 35 of the magazine here.

In terms of population Clackmannanshire is the smallest county in mainland Scotland however, despite the size we have been contributing to the fight against COVID-19.  In relation to science and technology, Clackmannanshire is being put on the map and is being recognised globally as healthcare technology experts.

Lateral Dx, and other technology firms based in Clackmannanshire, are working together on multiple projects to support the NHS and other healthcare providers with the development of diagnostic tests and other technology to fight COVID-19.

Thanks to the pandemic and enhanced media coverage, the world now expects quicker and more accurate diagnosis for conditions such as COVID-19. Be this at home, or via a GP or hospital, patients want to know their prognosis immediately. It is within this field that the local tech firms are making great progress. These developments alongside the pre-pandemic ground breaking work being carried out have resulted in the profile of Clackmannanshire being significantly raised.

Not only is this huge influx of development work putting Clackmannanshire on the map as a sought-after new science-hub, it is also providing massive opportunities locally with hundreds of new jobs. This is only set to continue to increase in coming years with proposed developments surrounding COVID-19 and many other applications for healthcare and other industries. If it wasn’t for the demand from the pandemic these opportunities wouldn’t have been created.

A key reason for Clackmannanshire being identified as a the new science-hub is because due to its links with Fourth Valley College and Stirling University, as well as it being a commutable distance to Glasgow, Stirling and Edinburgh.  On top of this, the community is friendly and thriving, making it perfect for anyone looking for a career in science.

If you want to find out more about how we, Lateral Dx, are a growing local employer and how we became specialists in diagnostic testing visit our About section here or read more about our Services here.

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