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Lateral Flow Contract Development Using Cube Reader

Saturday, May 20, 2023

Here at Lateral Dx we are thrilled to announce that we can now carry out lateral flow contract development using the Optricon Cube Reader. A small and highly portable reader, it offers a comprehensive amount of functionality and can work with a variety of cassette housing types.

The Cube Reader Benefits

This affordable reader is a great choice as it allows for quantitative as well as qualitative results to be obtained based on colour change outcomes. It can also be used to read test strips without housing, which is a great benefit for some projects.

Shaped like a cube, hence the name, the reader weighs only 40g and measures 41mm in length, meaning it can easily be transported and used on the go. Highly user friendly and with only one operating button, results are shown within 3 seconds.

Ideal for situations where the naked eye can lead to ambiguous results, the cube reader serves as an ‘electronic eye’ and removes the risk of error within testing. Test results can then be transferred electronically, analysed and stored securely in the cloud as required. More information can be found about the Cube Reader here.

Managing Director Richard Campbell highlighted the main benefits of using the Cube Reader for Lateral Dx customers,

“For such a small reader I was really impressed with the functionality of the Cube. Now with our enhanced developer access we are able to create custom protocols for our customer’s lateral flow reader projects. This allows us to offer a highly sought after, low cost, reliable and portable reader solution.”

Your Lateral Flow Requirements

At Lateral Dx our team has a vast array of experience of lateral flow contract development with different signal particles, platform types and sample types. Plus, we now have the added cost and efficiency benefit of using the Cube Reader.

If you need support or have a lateral flow development project in mind, get in touch with our experienced team via our online contact form.

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