Lateral Dx are experts in lateral flow test development and provide in vitro diagnostic solutions on a contract basis to partner businesses.

We are proud of our antibody conjugation abilities to deliver rapid test development for our healthcare, veterinarian and environmental focused business partners.


We are able to compete with the demands of an ever-developing market with the following capabilities:

Rapid antigen test, covid and positive with the hand of a woman holding a testing kit and result in her home. Healthcare, medicine and health with a female in her house infected with the corona virus

Lateral flow test development

Own the complete design history file for your lateral flow assay or rapid test development.

Lateral flow test manufacture

High quality, small or large scale manufacture of lateral flow assays.


Tap into our wealth of experience within lateral flow assay development.

Rapid antibody screening

Screen antibody suitability for lateral flow tests quickly, quantitatively and cost effectively.

Antibody conjugation

From research and development to production scale. Conjugation to gold nanoparticles, fluorescent particles, cellulose nanobeads, polystyrene and carbon.

Reagent supply

Gold colloid, gold conjugates and custom antibody conjugation.

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